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Who are we?

We are connected, passionate and innovative talent

We are a leading company in Digital Transformation

Somos la unión de personas, tecnología y negocio

We combine talent, technology and business to get the most out of every complex challenge companies face in the market today through innovation and sustainable development with the only mission of adding exceptional value to our clients.


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Our History


  • atSistemas is born


  • Digital Wolves appears in the picture


  • DEXS (Digital Experience School) is created
  • Italia offices inaugurated


  • Portugal offices inaugurated


  • Uruguay offices open their doors


  • UK Offices inaugurated

  • USA Offices inaugurated

  • Morocco Offices inaugurated

  • Acquisition of New Verve Consulting

  • atSistemas is incorporated to BME Growth


  • Acquisition of Incipy
  • atSistemas evolves to knowmad mood


  • Acquisition of Interwor

Shall we create a new future together?

About Us

A company in constant evolution

We are people connected to one purpose

We are an ecosystem of people in constant growth capable of setting a new sustainable path finding the true evolution through talent, excellence, and knowledge.

Sustainable evolution, together

We evolve at our clients’ pace hand in hand with innovation and progress, adding exceptional value in a collaborative ecosystem where we put all of our technological expertise.

Our people first

We take care of our people, and we believe that together we can take on the biggest challenges to change the path of society and the future of technology.

At the avant garde

Innovation as a common project

Innovation is a part of our DNA. We are great specialists and technology professionals moved by creativity and innovation.

Technology avant garde

We bet for a unified business digital strategy with great capacity and technical solutions, supporting each other, and believing that our people, together with their ideas and commitment, will take on incredible projects.

Multi-national vision

Integrating ourselves locally and adapting our strategy to an international level.

What moves us

Our Purpose

Technology and innovation with a purpose to grow together and to builg a better and much sustainable world.

Our Vision

To be at the avant garde of Technology and Innovation beginning with the people and the world, being an example of sustainable progress.

Our Mission

Add value to our clients and develop exceptional technological talent with a purpose, contributing to the responsible development of society.

The values setting our path

The values setting our path and guiding us to excellence are collaboration, innovation, commitment, fun and trust.


Team spirit, working in a transparent and efficient manner.


To think different, take on risks, the competitive spirit that makes us strive for greatness every day


The sum of all of our capacities to get the sustainability level we want for our company.


It is the feeling you get when you do what you love, and the one you feel the most comfortable with knowing you belong to a team that supports you.


It is the feeling you get when you do what you love, and the one you feel the most comfortable with knowing you belong to a team that supports you.

Our achievements

Carbon Footprint Calculation Certificate

Thanks to our commitment to the environment, we have obtained the Carbon Footprint Calculation Certificate.

Ranking 100 best companies to work for in Spain

We stand out in talent management, as well as in the policies implemented and the firm commitment to training.

XVI Edition Alares Awards 2022

We won the 2nd Alares 2022 Award for Reconciliation, Co-responsibility and CSR in the big company category.

What do we offer at knowmad mood?

We care and make sure to put focus on the development, happiness and wellbeing of our people.