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atSistemas, a technology consulting firm leader in digital transformation announces its corporate identity change after 29 years of history as part of the evolution of the company. The goal is to become one of the main players in the technology sector and with the aim of promoting the fulfillment of its strategic plan for 2021-2024, atSistemas is committed to changing its corporate identity to knowmad mood to align the image and perception of the brand with its growth and international expansion goals.

One of the most important changes that have been implemented is the fusion between atSistemas and Digital Wolves, the digital transformation services division of the company, into a single unified brand. In this way, the technology group is composed of knowmad mood, resulting from the merger of both brands and DEXS, the business division that offers an ecosystem of training solutions, technology, and services.

According to the company, who announced the news this last Tuesday at an internal corporate meeting, this rebranding fulfills the purpose of strengthening its position in the market through innovation and sustainable development with the mission to continue providing value to customers, drive talent, unify the digital strategy of the business with the skills and technical solutions and sets a new direction in the future of technology.

knowmad mood event

Why knowmad mood?

knowmad mood comes as a declaration of intent that follows the company’s evolution and strengthens its position as a major multinational corporation. With this transformation, the company wants to align the perception of the brand with its positioning and international expansion goals. The idea is to ensure that the company’s international presence and the services it offers are in line with its current size, in terms of reputation and market recognition. For this reason, it is primarily an evolutionary process where the same corporate values and principles are preserved but more coherently expressed with the current situation of atSistemas, that of being a leading company in digital transformation and innovative technological solutions at the forefront.

The new corporate image of knowmad mood includes a new logo that creates a new visual expression of the company, but leaves intact the corporate colors that have characterized the brand since its beginnings in 1994. This identity reflects an honest and transparent brand that speaks of an ecosystem of talent, partners, clients, and above all, a team of people connected to a common purpose. “The rebranding process has been a challenge, because, on the one hand, we wanted to transmit our new reality, but at the same time we wanted to communicate that we continue to preserve the values that have brought us here and are part of our identity and history. We want to continue to show that feeling of enthusiasm that we all have and the shared experiences that have led us to make the most of the challenges we have faced, no matter how complex they have been. This feeling of belonging and community has made us a great team and this is the concept that we wanted to reinforce in this new identity. Because we are and will continue to be a team, and that is what makes us great,” says Jessica Iglesias Sánchez, Marketing, Communications and CR Director


knowmad mood and the new headquarters

Besides the new brand’s presentation, the company has recently opened new offices for its headquarters in Las Rozas, one of the many changes the company is making to strengthen its position as a big multinational corporation and ‘early adopter’ in Technology, as well as one of the best companies to work for.

“We have absolutely no doubt that the job profile of the future is the ‘knowledge nomad’, people who are digital natives and are known for their creativity and innovative skills, and for creating a network with other people beyond borders. However, they are responsible, flexible, and passionate about their work, allowing them to be resilient in the face of adversity and to be in constant evolution and learning thanks to their great ability to adapt. This is our culture, our state of mind, and, ultimately, our spirit, and this is the inspiration for our name, ‘knowmad mood’. This new name allows us to express our identity in a coherent way, one that will be with us in our strategic growth and expansion goals for the future”, says José Manuel Rufino Fernández, CEO of knowmad mood.