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The context of generation and demand, in an increasingly global market, is readjusting according to the needs that new geographies and emerging economies require.

At the same time, global decarbonisation policies are proposing new investment initiatives closer to the development of clean energy generation, to the detriment of more conventional sources, such as coal or oil, which generate more CO2.

Finally, the development of new technologies enables the improvement of efficiency and maximises process management, managing and interpreting an ever-increasing volume of data from control and monitoring system solutions.


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Our efficient contribution

In this context, atSistemas collaborates in the design and implementation of solutions that the different business areas identify as a priority.

In the field of marketing, atSistemas collaborates in the governance of communications for B2B and B2C markets, proposing the governance, management processes that make the attraction, loyalty and digitisation of customers more efficient while offering the latest technologies to expand new digital communication channels.

New technologies cover the need to manage and interpret all the information and personalise management with users, in terms of interlocution, through any channel (newsletters, portals, telephone, social networks), and the adequacy of the offers that Utilites companies themselves can provide.

In the field of distribution, atSistemas designs IoT solutions, with the capacity to manage and deploy devices globally, and their integration with existing data management and analytics systems. One of the challenges is to ensure the high level of security required, in the context of criticality of the facilities in organisations with distribution logistics and storage of hydrocarbons, facilitating the deployment of IoT sensors massively and remotely.

atSistemas is a leader in the design and development of automation solutions, applied to business processes, such as the control of industrial vehicles with fuel tank loading operations, with Edge Computing technology and artificial vision algorithms.


Emerging Solutions

From our Emerging Solutions business line, atSistemas offers innovative solutions, providing components / development accelerators for integration into existing solutions, contributing to cybersecurity, transparency, customer service and process automation.

The solutions proposed for digital identity verification, as well as video-identification, applied regulated sectors, stand out.Within the framework of digital onboarding, the KYC (Know Your Customer) solution allows remote identity verification through video identification, analysing identity documents (both from mobile devices and in a web environment, and with the review of qualified agents) and adapting their requirements to the needs and regulations of each activity.

atSistemas offers total flexibility for the use of all biometric recognition systems: facial recognition, voice recognition, biometric signature recognition, fingerprint recognition or iris recognition using standard sensors present in most smartphones or tablets without the need for dedicated or specific hardware, working On Line / Off Line.

They are unambiguous identification solutions that are increasingly necessary for contract management, invoicing and billing in commercial companies. They improve the user experience while ensuring the security of operational processes and customer data, complying with FIDO2, Fast Identity Online authentication standard created by the FIDO Alliance (among which are Google, Amazon, Mozilla, Alibaba and Facebook, among others).


atSistemas and Blockchain

From atSistemas, we also offer platforms for the simplification of complex company processes based on Blockchain networks:

  • DATA, a tool that allows the management and traceability of consents of personal data or any other data within the perimeter of the company, leaving evidence of every movement made with them.
  • CONTRACT, for the automation of contracting processes through the execution of smart contracts, being able to make connections with third party applications and being able to be combined with other applications such as AI.
  • TRACE for the definition of processes with the creation of milestones through which the product or process to be traced passes, with certification of the milestones and relevant evidence of each actor in the process or M2M with IoT technology.
  • CERTIFICATE, certification of any quality, exam or requirement in order to offer added value to customers.


Our efficient approach

We propose application solutions for the management of guarantees at the origin of the electricity supply, through the tokenisation of participation in renewable energy plants, or by providing security and liquidity measures in crowdfunding campaigns for the financing of photovoltaic plants.