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Navigating the complexities of project management is an ongoing challenge for companies striving to boost their efficiency and outcomes. In this case study, we offer an insider’s view on how we are empowering our client, Horse, to enhance their workflows using Jira and the Workflow Magic Box from knowmad mood. Discover how this app is transforming process productivity and team dynamics.


Meet the client

Horse is at the forefront of developing, producing, and supplying low-emission hybrid and combustion engines. With three R&D centers and a global footprint in countries including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Portugal, Romania, Spain, and Turkey, Horse is a leader in its field.

Embracing digital transformation, Horse’s PMO team chose to deploy Jira Software and Confluence to streamline project management. Integrating Workflow Magic Box was the logical next step, allowing for enhanced customization of workflows to meet the unique demands of each project.


Project management challenges at Horse

Originally adopting the Waterfall methodology, Horse faced growing complexities due to this model’s rigidity. The need for more agile, flexible, transparent, and collaborative project management became increasingly clear.

Challenges included:

  • Work Breakdown Structure Complexity: Projects required a rigid phase and deliverable structure
  • Stringent Validations and Approvals: Multiple stages needed thorough validations and approvals
  • Inadequate Standard Validations: Existing validations in Jira were not robust enough to ensure all criteria and requirements were met before progressing


The solution

To tackle these challenges, we’ve implemented Jira Software as the primary platform for project management, enhanced by knowmad mood’s Workflow Magic Box. This synergy is crucial for boosting automation and maximizing task efficiency.

What is Workflow Magic Box?

Workflow Magic Box is an innovative tool that elevates Jira workflows. With its advanced conditions, validators, and post functions, the app effectively customizes and automates processes.


Achieving success together

Our partnership with Horse is key. Together, we craft workflows that accurately reflect the complexity of their project phases. By leveraging Workflow Magic Box’s advanced features, we implement tailored validations, automate repetitive tasks, and ensure smooth process execution.

  • Flexible Workflow Definitions: We set up adaptable workflows that fit the project needs, providing clear phase and deliverable structures in Jira
  • Custom Conditions and Validations: Each workflow step includes tailored conditions and validations, ensuring all prerequisites are met before moving forward
  • Automated Actions: Automated functionalities streamline processes and enhance project execution, including automatically generating task structures in Jira


This image displays a WMB validation example, ensuring that all tasks (child issues) are completed before progressing to the next stage of the project (parent).


Results and benefits

Integrating Jira Software with Workflow Magic Box aims to drive significant advances in project management and team efficiency

  • Enhanced Visibility and Control – Track project progress
  • Streamlined Deliverable Management – Manage project outputs more effectively
  • Improved Project Quality – Rigorous validations and controls ensure superior final outcomes
  • Simplified Auditing and Monitoring: Automatic tracking of validations and controls facilitates easier auditing and follow-up



Interested in boosting your project productivity and efficiency with Workflow Magic Box?

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