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Artificial intelligence is completely transforming the business landscape, with particular focus on some fields like human resources and talent management. This technology allows companies not only to identify the key skills of candidates during selection processes, but also to manage internal talent and identify candidates in order to offer them opportunities for promotion and professional development.

According to SHRM, 79% of companies already use some form of AI or automation systems in their talent management processes. knowmad mood, a leading technology consultancy in digital transformation solutions, highlights some of the ways in which this technology optimizes the talent management process in organizations:


Personalization of employee training

AI allows companies to recommend customized training itineraries according to the particular needs of employees, individually adapting their training and career development plans. It also allows the implementation of adaptive evaluation systems to measure different key elements in the development and evolution of employees, considering their personal and individual characteristics in terms of knowledge, competencies and skills, commitment and motivation or work experience and studies. This results, in increased reliability and validity of the assessment processes whilst also improving the efficiency of employee training and development.


AI as an ally in emotional management

Currently, the management of employee emotions is gaining more weight in labor welfare and talent loyalty strategies, with the aim of increasing employee self-knowledge, which in turn leads to better job performance. AI is able to contribute to this through the implementation of tools that help employees to identify and self-manage emotions and develop skills such as assertiveness, listening, empathy, frustration tolerance and resilience.


Internal communication optimized with AI

One of the main features of Artificial Intelligence is the automation of processes. Internal communication departments, closely related to the HR and talent management department, can benefit from it in order to automate the processes of sending relevant information to all employees and the implementation of online collaboration tools and instant messaging applications, which facilitate communication between teams and departments.


Improving the employee experience

AI can analyze large amounts of data about employees, be it their individual preferences, previous work experience, competencies and even their job performance and output. All this data enables the personalization of each employee’s work experience, such as through chatbots, capable of resolving frequently asked questions, providing real-time assistance and streamlining internal processes, leading to increased satisfaction and productivity for all employees within the company.


The greater the innovation, the greater the competitiveness

By being able to automate and analyze employee information, Artificial Intelligence also enables business leaders to improve their strategic decision-making. This technology can lead companies to be more proactive in adopting new talent management solutions, improving their competitiveness in the market. A great example of this is in diversity and inclusion, for example thanks to the implementation of tools that ensure anonymity in terms of gender or place of origin of resumes during the selection process, avoiding the associated biases and ensuring the recruitment of the best talent.


“AI has become a powerful tool for managing talent effectively, thanks to its ability to manage the individual needs of its employees in an optimized way with systems that adapt to the particular strengths and areas of improvement of each employee. We can say that the companies that apply and optimize these trends, while monitoring their ethical application, will be the organizations that achieve the highest employee loyalty, as well as the best talent attraction”, says Juan Martinez, Director of Culture & People Development at knowmad mood.