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A large number of companies are looking for software development candidates, including multimedia and computer programmers. In this context, atSistemas, highlights the four most demanded profiles.

IT Profiles

Cybersecurity Expert

The demand for this profile has increased dramatically since the outbreak of the pandemic and is becoming increasingly important in the market to help all types of companies protect their data.

These professionals must not only be able to protect companies’ data, but also to continuously test their defences, improve security protocols and involve all employees in information protection.


Data Analysts and Data Scientist

An increasing number of companies are making use of data analytics. Most companies in the world today already have enterprise data strategies in place. This trend will continue to grow in the coming years as data analytics becomes more prevalent in all types of businesses.


DevOps & Cloud Computing Experts

The demand for these profiles is more recent, compared to the rest, but the growth of this market seems to have no ceiling. This is reflected in a recent report by Fortune Business Insights, which forecasts that the market will reach 14,969.6 million euros in 2026, representing a compound annual growth of more than 19.1%.

This type of professional must be able to incorporate processes, tools and methodologies to balance the needs of the entire software development lifecycle, in order to achieve the greatest possible efficiency.


Mobile Apps Developer

Since the appearance of the first mobile phones with internet, this type of profile has been among the most in demand, as they are in charge of designing, creating and optimising an application so that it can be used on different mobile devices.

They are strategic profiles for any company, especially considering the continuous growth in the number of application downloads. In the first quarter of the year, according to data from Sensor Tower, the total number of downloads from the App Store and Google Play Store increased by 1.4% to 36.9 million.


Our opinion

“Currently, the profiles of programmers are essential in all types of companies, due to their need for digitalisation and the rapid advance of new technologies. It is essential for future professionals to know which profiles are currently the most demanded and remunerated in order to be able to orientate their career from the very first moment. Companies must communicate transparently what these profiles are needed in order to create an appropriate training environment that meets the needs of the present and future market, if we want Spain to remain competitive in the technological race” says Elena Cantero, People & Talent Manager at atSistemas.


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