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The CEO and Managing Director of knowmad mood (formerly known as atSistemas), José Manuel Rufino Fernández, has expanded his participation in the company with the acquisition of 13,539 shares during the past weeks, raising his stake to 52.7% of the total capital of the listed company. 

The top executive of knowmad mood thereby consolidates his position as the main shareholder, showing his commitment to the technology consulting firm’s project, listed on the BME Growth market since late 2022. After this purchase, the shareholding structure of knowmad mood is composed mainly by José Manuel Rufino (52.7%) and Miguel Ángel Sacristán with 45.75% of the capital, both representing 98.45% of the total. 

The company closed its Monday session at 3,86 euros per share, representing an increase of 5,40% compared to its BME Growth IPO at the end of 2022.



knowmad mood’s new era and evolution

The Tech company recently announced its forecasts for the end of the 2023 fiscal year, expecting to reach a 33% increase in revenue and a consolidated normalized EBITDA of 14.7 million euros. These forecasts are in line with the new phase of the company, reflecting the huge growth it is currently experiencing as one of the main goals set out in its 2020-2024 strategic plan.  

In this regard, knowmad mood has also unveiled a new image and commercial brand, for the first time in almost 30 years of history. With this evolution, knowmad mood’s purpose is to align the company with its corporate mission and its global expansion goals to face future challenges. 

“With the purchase of this last package of shares, my goal is to take another step forward in my belief in the great project that is knowmad mood. We are experiencing a very positive and expected growth, which is undoubtedly the result of almost 30 years of hard work providing the best services to our clients. We strongly believe that in 2023 we will continue to deliver great news aligned with our intention to establish ourselves as the main players in the market“, says José Manuel Rufino Fernández, CEO of knowmad mood.