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knowmad mood, a leading technology consulting firm in digital transformation, has announced its projections for 2023 and expects revenues of 172 million euros during the current year, 33% more than those of 2022. This revenue corresponds to both knowmad mood and the British Verve Consulting and the Spanish INCIPY, which the consulting firm acquired last year as part of its strategy of global expansion and the strengthening of technology services.

Furthermore, the company expects to achieve a consolidated standardized EBITDA of 8.53%, which represents 14.7 million euros and translates into an increase of 41% over last year’s figure. Thus, these forecasts continue in the positive line of the results presented last month, where knowmad mood, formerly known as atSistemas, certified a 32% growth in its revenue compared to 2021.


knowmad mood revenues


knowmad mood, a global company

knowmad mood begins 2023 strengthening the global expansion strategy launched in 2022 in the United Kingdom and the United States, with the opening of new offices and the acquisition of New Verve Consulting, and the opening of a new office in Morocco, adding to the existing ones in Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Uruguay. Since last December, the company has also been listed on the BME Growth market.


The evolution of knowmad mood

As recent milestones, the company has just announced its change of name and corporate image. Once known as atSistemas, knowmad mood decided at the end of May to announce its new image after 29 years, so as to be better aligned with its growth and global expansion goals and to face future challenges.

” These positive predictions are very important news for us because it means our strategy for the past few years is already paying off. Besides the expansion of knowmad mood, we are also showing that our recent acquisitions were a success and already bring positive results, not only financially but also in terms of adding value, resources, and expertise to our company. These projections are also a positive message to our customers and investors, as we hope they transmit both strength and security. We expect to continue to deliver good news during the rest of the year, both in announcements of new projections and in the reporting of results next year,” says José Manuel Rufino Fernández, CEO of knowmad mood.