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WhatsApp has become one of the most popular instant messaging applications in the world. This communication channel is present in the lives of billions of people around the world, generating billions of messages every day.

Such is the popularity of this channel, and not only that, but also its usefulness in communication between people, that many companies have found in this platform a means of conversation with customers and users to resolve specific doubts or to manage other requests such as booking airline tickets or processing car insurance in the event of an accident.


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WhatsApp for businesses Legal framework

The launch of WhatsApp Business in 2018 made it possible to contemplate the use of this platform for business purposes. This means that, until then, the WhatsApp licence did not provided communication between companies and customers, overlooking many data protection issues.


What is a WhatsApp Communication Manager?

A mobile platform for conducting and automating conversations between customers and agents/traders through artificial intelligence.

The communication manager allows to unify and use a single WhatsApp Business number in a corporate environment compliant with personal data protection regulations (GDPR, etc.).

  • Have visibility of all conversations.
  • Always send notifications to your customers from the same number.
  • Chat and respond to your customers, from anywhere.
  • Avoid losing customers. In case of holidays or leaves, keep in touch. A salesperson or agent can inherit conversations with a customer from another colleague easily and efficiently.
  • Automate the most recurring requests or doubts of your customers, delegating them to a chatbot with artificial intelligence.
  • Refer your customer’s conversation to their salesperson or agent.
  • Control business hours.
  • Avoid non-corporate environments and secure information management.


WhatsApp communication manager, the key to success

Before starting to use WhatsApp as a communication channel with customers, it is essential to implement a solution certified by WhatsApp to efficiently manage interactions with the customer or user.

In addition, this solution must contemplate two fundamental aspects:

  • Solution as User Experience
  • Legal Solution

From the point of view of a solution, a WhatsApp communications manager allows any commercial agent of a company to know the interactions that have taken place with each of the customers and users on WhatsApp. It offers a global vision of the conversations that are established with each client, offering a more agile user experience.

On the other hand, the possibility of carrying out any transaction from a single platform, without jumping to another and staying on the same communication channel, greatly simplifies management, resulting in an improved experience from the point of view of both the user and the agent.

From a legal solution perspective, establishing a customer interaction platform based on a legal framework is certainly a relief for companies that can incur costly fines and penalties.

“Thanks to OUR PRODUCT we can manage the mobile communications of your sales force, agents and/or field workers with your customers through Whatsapp Business API. Securing and registering all communications without the customer having to use specific software, just Whatsapp. We will be able to establish such personalised communications between the customer and their specific agent with full knowledge of the company and in compliance with GDPR” Santiago Ortiz, Line of Business Manager.